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With the help of my Elders I will be listening with healthy ears.
I will be learning with a healthy mind.
I will keep the Young Doctor’s code of respect (Our rules).
I will be learning by knowing more.
And I will be caring and sharing to me and my mob.
Because I am a Young Doctor.
song lines - welcome
You have been chosen to become a Young Doctor to your people.
You may not get the sacred knowledge, but you will learn many important things.
You will learn some of the Old Knowledge – bush medicine and bush tucker.
And you will learn some of the new knowledge - western medicine.
And this will help you chose to live a long and healthy life.
But even more importantly you will learn things that will let you help other people have long and healthy lives – to have clear heads and strong hearts.
You will become leaders.
You will become Young Doctors and grow in knowledge and wisdom.
And I hope you will use your knowledge wisely and be a great blessing to your brothers and sisters, to your parents and Uncles and Aunties and all your mob.
And you will bring great pride to the Aboriginal people of this land and to all Australians.
Walk this journey with pride and become strong malpas – friends – together for all the days of your life.
song lines - graduation
You will always be a Young Doctor because your people cherish you and need you.
You will make many choices as the years unfold in front of you.
Maybe you will eventually choose to become a qualified doctor, or you may choose something else.
Whatever it is, do it well and do it with pride.
You have the power to help other people if you choose to use it.

Uncle Jack Charles
Boon Wurrung Wathaurong