Juvenile Justice


Finding the best way of supporting young Indigenous people return to community life and build a constructive future is the focus of Malpa’s next project.

We are proud to be part of the Noetic led project commissioned by the Attorney General’s Department to identify what is working and what needs doing for young aboriginal and Torres Strait people.

The project covers the all of the Northern Territory and Queensland. The working group will travel to Darwin, Alice Springs, Berrimah to review three projects – Prisoner Support, Council of Elders and Respected Persons and Prisoner Support Officer programs.

In Queensland we will look at the Prevention and Justice Support Through Care program and the Prisoner Support and Return Home Schemes visiting Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns.

This review builds on Noetic’s comprehensive review of the NSW Juvenile Justice System in 2010 which came up with seventy seven key recommendations.  Amongst these was that “the NSW Government engage with Indigenous communities to develop long-term strategies to address the underlying causes of juvenile offending. Preventative and early intervention strategies are to be funded in local communities…”

Father Chris Riley, CEO of Youth of the Street, commented “It was a great report, and this has been a fifteen year battle for me”.