Circle of Hope

The life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is currently 19 years. Chronic health problems plague Indigenous communities and support structures and information about many of the common health problems and potential solutions and responses is scarcely available. Kidney failure alone runs as much as twenty eight times the national average in the Northern Territory and organ transplant rates are less than a third of the national average.

Now ten Aboriginal people affected by kidney disease have painted their stories of hope for the future in order to raise national awareness of the severe impact which kidney disease is causing among so many Indigenous communities. The project has also provided a forum for discussion within Indigenous communities about the health problems which they are facing and issues around transplantation.

 The artworks were displayed as a Circle of Hope as a joint project between Malpa and Transplant Australia. The exhibition was displayed at Parliament House Canberra as part of our Advocacy Breakfast in November 2010 and Indigenous people affected by chronic diseases led this program of advocacy. The works will eventually be auctioned to raise funds for programs in Central Australia addressing Aboriginal health issues.