Malpa is creating projects which holistically address the problems of chronic health problems. It is essential to acknowledge the importance of culture and community in any attempts to address issues of health. Both preventative health and the availability of health care must be addressed. We work on an understanding of the importance of working with the communities affected. We develop all of our projects in collaboration with members of the Indigenous communities in which we are working. We are passionate about two-way learning and true collaboration by all actors in the process.

The role of art

Art is a key story-telling mechanism for Indigenous communities which facilitates communication, while providing an opportunity for people to come together and talk. Art also has significant therapeutic and psychological benefits and provides important opportunities for developing a dialogue about kidney disease and other health issues in a way that is relevant and engaging for Indigenous communities.

Our projects

Information about our projects can be found at the links below.

Young Doctors

Circle of Hope

Painting the Future

Juvenile Justice