Its a “hats off ” off to our Young Doctors

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hats offIt’s graduation time across all our projects. In Aldavilla, Aldinga, Kempsey South, Kempsey West, Barrack Heights, Berkeley West, West Kempsey Young Doctors received their Certificates and a Young Doctor Health Care Bag from EBOS.

Parents and carers came and joined Elders community members and school communities. One community had a visit from their local Federal Member. Another held a smoking ceremony.

The Young Doctors demonstrated their new skills by Auslan “signing” their pledge and performing their welcoming song. There were even a few tears because the program has come to an end.

Congratulations to everyone, the school communities but especially the Managers and Leaders who have done inspirational work.

Next year we hope to train over 500 Young Doctors in SA, Victoria, Queensland, NSW, the ACT and NT.

Malpa South kempsey


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young doctors AdelaideThe Wak Wakko Doctors had a huge day at Nunkuwarrin Yunti in Adelaide with visits from two Ngangkari (Traditional Healers) Debbie Watson and Margaret Richards.  They were accompanied by Inawinytji Williamson.  Aboriginal Doctors,  Dr Jon Newchurch and Dr Kali Hayward facilitated a range of interactive learnings which included plastering and surgery, while the Ngankeri shared some learnings with the young participants. Our Director, Sonia Waters, commented “I will never forget this day. This is what Malpa is all about. Our young people learning both our old ways and new ways, and how they come together. I hope that one day, in 10-15 years time, I will hear that these young Wak Wakko Doctors have gone on to study Medicine, because we need loving and caring souls like them to be our next generation of Doctors, or health professionals.”


Totally Wild

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Totally wildThis week was rather exciting the Wakwakko Doctors met Seamus Evans from Network Ten’s Totally Wild, it was a blast. We learnt lots of great information about reptiles, what to do if you are bitten by a snake or lizard and we learnt that Monitor Lizards don’t have venom but a bacteria that causes an infection that makes the wound take a long time to heal. Some of the Doctors were brave and held a monitor lizard. One of the Young Doctors, Dr Jade said “I got to hold the monitor lizard and it licked my face. It gave me and my friends lots of good memories. I love Wakwakko Doctors and wish we could do it everyday”

Child doctors improve Indigenous health where governments have failed.

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SMH imageJulie Power’s article in SMH June 26 2015. “I told mum that white bread has sugar in it, and she didn’t know that. Now she is buying the one with seeds in it,” said eight-year-old Wilson Ware, who is learning to be a Dhalayi (child) doctor at St Joseph’s Primary School in Kempsey. These ambassadors for better health are nagging parents and friends to keep themselves and their homes clean, smoke outside, buy healthier food, blow their noses properly, urging them to get medical help and helping them navigate the local hospital and health system. Please Read More and share.


New Malpas

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The Wak Wakko Doctors project in Aldinga, SA, is already proving a great success. The Young Doctors are saying “Why can’t we do this everyday?”. In early August senior Ngangkari (Traditional healers) will come from the APY lands in northern South Australia to work with western doctors and show the young people how traditional and western medicine work together.

Sammi Fatnowna with some Young Doctors

Sammi Fatnowna with some Young Doctors

Sammi and Garth Fatnowna have provided Induction training at Berkeley West PS in the Illawarra. They are currently deciding on their project name. Another Ngargin Doctor project at Albion Park Rail PS is in the planning stages for Term 3. Four new projects start in the Macleay Valley and discussions have started so we may have as many as five in Gippsland, Victoria.

More Doctors

More Young Doctors graduated recently at Stuart’s Point PS, Kempsey East PS, St Joseph’s PS, Kempsey West PS and at Barrack Heights PS, Illawarra.

Dhalayi Doctors at Stuart’s Point PS

Dhalayi Doctors at Stuart’s Point PS

All schools report significantly improved school attendance and the Young Doctors are really making a difference to the overall life of their school communities. The most commonly heard comment from Principals, parents and students was “Why can’t we do this all year?” “We don’t want this project to finish!”

SMH comes to Kempsey

Julie Power, a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald, has been taking a special interest in Indigenous issues across NSW and came, with Peter Rae, her photographer to cover Young Doctor projects at St Joseph’s PS and the graduation ceremony at Stuarts Point PS.


young doctor at work

young doctor at work

From Term 3 onwards all our projects will be systematically evaluated. There will be qualitative and quantitative evaluation so that we can constantly improve what we do and identify the real successes so all projects can build on the things that really work. It is also important to look at any barriers and see how we can best support and provide sustainable and workable models of delivery to the Community and foremost for tomorrows future….our students

Red carpet for Troy

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Troy Tungai, our Project Leader for Ngargin Doctors at Barrack Heights, had his inspirational work recognised with the AustralianSuper Career KickStart Award.

Troy Tungai

Troy Tungai

At a glittering ceremony in Sydney’s Masonic Hall Troy was presented with his prize at the inaugural NSW /ACT Young Achievers Awards.

The evening was shared with his parents Troy and Veronica  and his malpas – Chris Mangos (mentor and Ngargin Doctor’s Manager), Sammi Fatnowna (National Project Manager), Sarah Rudling (Principal of Barrack Heights PS), Aunty Patty Roberts (respected Elder and frequent visitor to the Ngargin Doctor program), his friend Michael Pixton, Deborah and Don Palmer (CEO).

Congratulations, Troy. We are so proud of you.

Outbreak of good health

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Malpa is excited to announce we will be working with twenty six communities in 2015. Communities in NSW, SA, Queensland and NSW will train more than 400 Young Doctors. This means that by 2016 there will be 650 Young Doctors in remote, regional and urban communities making a real difference.

Malpa barrack heights

One of the Young Doctors

Malpa’s Medical Advisor Dr Howard Goldenberg commented “This might cause an outbreak of good health”

Thanks to all our supporters who voted for Malpa for a grant from Medibank. We were successful and the funding will make a significant difference to our work in Victoria.

We are also pleased to announce that Johnson and Johnson’s  Janssen corporation has made a significant commitment to our work. Johnson and Johnson are major supporters of the child doctors projects in Bangladesh where 1.2 million young people are being trained.

Something we have been searching for

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Young doctor learning about food groups

Young doctor learning about food groups

National Project Manager, Sammi Fatnowna, fills us in on what has been happening during the last few months…

In July we all enjoyed the success of the first Ngargin Doctor group graduation at Barrack Heights PS. Local newspapers were present and ran a great feature story. The students were very confident in demonstrating their skills and talking about what they had learnt during the ceremony. It was heartening to see so many parents at the ceremony. Two grandparents had been so excited about the ocassion that they travelled two hours to be part of it. Barrack Heights have begun a second cohort of students who will graduate in December. read more »

SBS films the Ngargin Doctors

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Traditional Knowledge Keeper Anthony Green

Traditional Knowledge Keeper Anthony Green

“I haven’t been this excited in a long time to see this younger generation so involved” says Traditional Knowledge Keeper Anthony Green.

Anthony was part of the Ngargin Doctor Program in Barrack Heights looking at old and new medications. The sessions at the school and in the bush were recently filmed for NITV and SBS News. read more »

Ngargin Doctors own the Project

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Troy and a Ngargin Doctor

Troy and a Ngargin Doctor

The young people at Barrack Heights PS are the latest to be part of the Young Doctor Program. In the Illawarra Region they are called Ngargin Doctors.

The leaders have developed their personalised program with the support of Sammi Fatnowna and are well on their way to their half term graduation where they receive their Ngargin Doctor beanies from the Elders. read more »