Your help is essential in ensuring we can continue to grow. Here are some of the ways your donation will help.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.





  What it delivers


Beanie and wrist band for one Young Doctor

These create a sense of team and belonging




Learning ResourcesA range of resources are needed throughout the program 


Support for one Young Doctor for 1 week



Participation of one Elder in the Project

Elder involvement allows us to strengthen the entire community



Support for one Young Doctor for the 10 week Project

Includes all community consultation and graduation




Support for one Project

15 students, Elders and leaders for 1 week of the Project



Set up of a new Project

There is demand for our Projects and it takes thoughtful community consultation and preparation to give the best chance of success



Support for one complete Project (15 students) for the 10 week Project

This includes all the initial consultation, Project delivery and graduation

Local staff are employed and local Elders involved

You are welcome to join in at any time

$850 Graduation CeremonyIncludes all graduation certificates and other awards, Elder participation, involvement of Malpa staff, catering and travelYou are invited to join in on the day