Barrack Heights AMS Rocks Young Doctors

dentist2“Absolutely fantastic!” was how one Ngargin Doctor described their visit to their local Aboriginal Medical Service. “What the AMS staff addressed was exactly what was needed for our Young Doctors” according to the Ngargin Doctor leader, Troy Tungai.

The Barrack Heights group started by having their teeth were checked. They mounted a high-tech chair and had their teeth looked at while their friends played Dental Assistant by monitoring, spraying water, blowing air into their mouths with a special hose.

Another group brushed their teeth with a special pink goo. It helped show the Ngargin Doctors if they needed to brush more and if their teeth were nice and healthy.

Then they played a game guessing the sugar content in the products that were in our given bag. That was an eye opener. “Ten teaspoons of sugar in every can! Yuk”

Then everyone had their heart rate monitored before and after doing star jump exercises.

“I can honestly say that we do have a lot of kids with a lot of energy, but they are healthy just the same” Troy commented.

Ngargin Doctor Leader Troy Tungai get the jitters with the Young Dentists

Ngargin Doctor Leader Troy Tungai gets the jitters with the Young Dentists

Then a doctor checked everyone’s ears to see if they were hearing well and showing kids the insides of their ears on a computer screen. One group was joined experienced nurses doing basic First Aid. The kids loved wrapping their mates up in bandages and they knew why and when they had to do it. They were even more excited to walk back to school with an “injury”.

The day was a huge success. The AMS staff were spot on, they used kid-friendly language and the content was precise, as well as relevant.

Thanks AMS staff. You rock.


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