And now Young Zulu Doctors

Zulu1Australian Indigenous communities reach across the waters to their African cousins after being invited into Khatani in KwaZulu Natal, in South Africa, to start Young Doctor projects in 2017.

Shwebe Zela has put his hand up to be the inaugural leader. He says that life is challenging in his area with unemployment running at more than 40% and HIV/AIDS cutting a swathe through the community leaving large numbers of children without parents. All this on top of appalling rates of poverty.

Many children have the task of bring up themselves and their siblings and Young Doctor programs aims to give them the personal resilience to do this successfully.


This invitation from Sofi Ntshalintshali is a credit to our Australian Managers, Leaders, Young Doctors and Communities who have created something special that others see as a positive way for the future.

The Malpa Project is proud to work with Isibani who have deep connections in the community and are highly respected in delivering a wide range of health services.


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