The Results are in

Junkujurra -Indigenous & non-Indigenous Young Doctors together

Junkujurra -Indigenous & non-Indigenous Young Doctors together

The Results are in… Last year we formally evaluated our projects. The findings are a credit to everyone – managers, leaders, Young Doctors, their communities, school and not least, the Elders.


• 100 % of Young Doctors reported thinking about working in a job after completing school

• 98 % reported feeling happy to come to school since becoming Young Doctors

• 100 % reported they are happy to see a doctor since participating in Young Doctors

• 100 % reported sharing their new learning with other children and families

• 100 % reported knowing more about Aboriginal culture

• 100 % of parents reported that their child’s school was more supportive since they offered Young Doctors

• 99 % were able to identify 1-3 people within their community to ask about healing (they mentioned Elders, parents, health professionals and teachers)

• 3 in 5 highlighted that they most enjoyed learning from Elders and Aboriginal community leaders

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