young doctors AdelaideThe Wak Wakko Doctors had a huge day at Nunkuwarrin Yunti in Adelaide with visits from two Ngangkari (Traditional Healers) Debbie Watson and Margaret Richards.  They were accompanied by Inawinytji Williamson.  Aboriginal Doctors,  Dr Jon Newchurch and Dr Kali Hayward facilitated a range of interactive learnings which included plastering and surgery, while the Ngankeri shared some learnings with the young participants. Our Director, Sonia Waters, commented “I will never forget this day. This is what Malpa is all about. Our young people learning both our old ways and new ways, and how they come together. I hope that one day, in 10-15 years time, I will hear that these young Wak Wakko Doctors have gone on to study Medicine, because we need loving and caring souls like them to be our next generation of Doctors, or health professionals.”


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